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"Paul came out this evening to help me with a very unusual situation with me car. I was merging onto the highway and the engine just died. I had no indication previously, but apparently the engine had burned through every bit of oil and never gave me any warnings and I hadn't seen it leaking. Paul picked me up, drove me to buy some oil, and brought me back to help get the oil into my car. I was fortunate that my car started and I was able to make it back home. Really fantastic service, and I was very thankful for his assistance. Thank you, Paul!"
- James Kerr.
"It was 11 pm and my son locked my keys in the car and we were 4 hours from home. When I called my vehicles roadside assistance, no one was picking up the job in my area. Premier Roadside Services drove 45 minutes and met me at midnight, finished the job within 5 minutes of arriving! So thankful for their service!"
- Kerrie I.
"He came out in less time than I was originally told, had the spare put on and even figured out where the hole was in my tire. Super quick! Highly recommend!"
- Denise G.

"Had a lovely flat tire, rusted jack…so had to call for help! Help was there in way less time than quoted by my insurance company and he was friendly and got the job done really fast! Thanks!"
- Bobbie G.

"Local, timely, honest, friendly and so reasonable!!!! I highly recommend. Paul is awesome. He truly cares."
- Mary C.

"Last Saturday night it was snowing and the roads were icy. I was driving slowly up Springfield Road in East Peoria. I discovered I had a flat tire (of all times, it was so cold!). I called a tow company but they were busy so they had Paul from Premier Roadside Services come to my aid. He was there within half an hour and he was super friendly. My spare didn’t have much air so he filled that up for me and I was on my way home quickly. I was so grateful for his service. I highly recommend Premier Roadside Services!"
- Renee H.

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